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The Old and New Worlds of wine: the differences


With a history spanning thousands of years, wine holds a significant place in various cultures from antiquity to the present day. Produced in diverse regions worldwide, each with its unique traditions and production methods, giving birth to the concepts of the "Old and New World of Wine."

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25 Jul 2023

The global wine market is projected to grow to USD 456.76 billion by 2028.

Benchmark International

This growth is fueled by the industry’s expansion into emerging markets, with Asia leading the way. Countries such as China and India are developing a taste for wine, with China being one of the world’s top three countries for wine imports. Singapore is also an attractive destination for wine exporters.

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12 Jun 2023

Alcohol purchasing trends are changing — here’s what the numbers say


As consumers increasingly opt for at-home drinking, many are leaning toward experimentation and more sophisticated nonalcoholic options.

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08 May 2023

Consider Vietnam's potential

Meininger's International

Vietnam’s economy has been expanding rapidly, with GDP per capita almost quadrupling between 2001 and 2021. The middle class comprising 15% of a population of almost 100 million, is expected to increase to 36 million people by 2030.

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29 Mar 2023

Singapore outdrinks other SEA countries

Wine Australia

Did you know that Singapore-based wine customers drink at least 10x more wine than our peers in other Southeast Asia countries?

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21 Mar 2023

Mindful drinking: Consumers 'willing to pay a premium' for low-to-no alcohol beverages - expert


An interesting number of young consumers are looking for novel alcoholic drinks in low or zero ABV formats, and are willing to pay a premium for the pleasure, say industry experts

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20 Mar 2023

Chilean Wine Breaking barriers in Southeast Asia


Chilean wine exports to Southeast Asia grew significantly in 2022, indicating a growing demand for new wine varieties. Chilean winemakers have stepped up their regional marketing and promotion efforts to capitalize on this opportunity.

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01 Mar 2023

Japan Leads the Sober Curious Culture in Asia Pacific


Sober curious culture is a trend that is about drinkers trying to moderate their consumption levels rather than fully abstaining from alcohol. In Asia Pacific, the concept is only at a stage where it is known to a small number of people. However, in Japan, the first signs of the sober curious trend are emerging, as “dry” initiatives are beginning to take place.

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06 Feb 2023

Low- and no-alcohol in high spirits as consumer trends continue to drive growth


Buoyed by broader moderation trends and a growing interest in cocktails and mixology, non-alcoholic spirits are finally having their moment in the limelight.

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19 Jan 2023

2023 Wine Trends: Everything You Need to Know

Natural wines, Sustainable wines and Organic wines are trends that are top in searches and topics where most consumers are very engaged when purchasing wines in these categories.

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01 Jan 2023