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What to expect in the world of drinks in 2024, from aged sake to pocket bars

The Straits Times

New year, new sips. As 2024 dawns, drinks experts around the island share their spirited predictions for the Singapore scene.

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05 Jan 2024

The restaurant industry continues to witness a shift in its beverage offerings since 2023.

Michelin Guide

This trend of extensive beverage menus, as opposed to dedicated wine lists, continues to expand. Consumers are increasingly seeking variety and novelty in their drink choices. The change reflects the rising demand for spirits, alternative beverages, and customised offerings.

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04 Jan 2024

Surge in sparkling wine exports

the drinks business

The UK Government's decision to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in July 2023 has led to a surge in sparkling wine exports to Japan, with a 140% increase in 2023 alone.

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03 Jan 2024

Tourism lead to cuts in alcohol tariffs

Bangkok Post

In a bid to boost tourism, Thailand’s cabinet has approved tax cuts on alcoholic beverages. This will likely result in wine prices falling significantly.

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02 Jan 2024

What to expect from cocktail culture in 2024?

The Spirits Business

Patrón producer Bacardi has picked artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘escapism’ drinks as the cocktail trends to watch in the year ahead.

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06 Dec 2023

Climate change could result in the UK becoming a major wine producer


In England, climate change is modifying the wine landscape. According to a study published in July, over the next 20 years rising temperatures will allow the cultivation of grape varieties that were usually grown in Burgundy or Alsace

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15 Nov 2023

Hold the booze: The bubbling business of non-alcoholic drinks


More customers are willing to pay top dollar for drinks, sans the booze. Money Mind looks at the beverage trend that is showing no sign of drying up.

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01 Nov 2023

Asian spirits are making waves in the global market, with countries such as China, Japan, and Korea leading the way.


These spirits are gaining traction across the world, as consumers seek to explore new flavors and drinking experiences.

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18 Aug 2023

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails, By the Numbers


No other spirits category has skyrocketed in recent years like the ready-to-drink cocktail. See what’s happening in the market now with our data-based infographic

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03 Aug 2023

China prefers spirits to wine

Vino Joy News

China’s thirst for imported spirits has experienced a significant surge during the first half of 2023.

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03 Aug 2023