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ProWine Singapore 2023 IN NUMBERS

Wine And Spirits Exhibitors
More than 7,000
Trade Visitors

Exhibitors: International Showcase of Wines & Spirits

20 Exhibiting Countries and Regions
Strong international representation including countries such as
Ukraine, Chile, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Portugal, New Zealand, and South Korea.
A wide range of brands, such as Creamy Creations, Broken Heart Spirits, Everyday Weekend, Buja Gin, BBC Spirits, Manz Wine, Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd, Siam Winery, Mont Clair Reserve and Bataillard AG. Asian Winery was represented.

Visitors: Rewarding Experience for Trade Attendees

More than 27% of visitors came from overseas
Visitors came from 20 countries and regions
Top visitor markets: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Top 5 Visitor Profile
By Job Function:
  1. Corporate Management (Owner / Proprietor / President / CEO / MD / GM)
  2. Sales / Marketing / Business Development
  3. F&B (F&B / catering management, chefs, culinary staff, bartender, barista)
  4. Purchasing
  5. Operations / Maintenance / Production Management
By Areas of Interest:
  1. Still Wines – Red, Still Wines – White
  2. Dessert Wines, Sparkling Wines, Still Wines – Rosé
  3. Spirits
  4. Sake
By Industry:
  1. Vineyard / Wine producer / Airport Duty-Free Purchasers
  2. Hotel / Resort / Nightspots / Airline
  3. E-retailers 7 Custom service providers
  4. Culinary / hospitality / Tourism
  5. Supermarkets, Specialty F&B, Convenience Store